Ride it's what you are here for

Before considering your first or your umpteenth group ride remember the following tips.  

Group ride levels and objectives vary.

Determine the groups goal and pace will ensure that you enjoy your ride

Ride with respect

Bikes are considered vehicles, just like automobiles you are required to follow all local and state laws.  

We have 3'

We're allowed to pass on the left(USA) of a slower moving rider/vehicle and as long as we maintain with 15 miles of the posted speed limit and we we are not impeding traffic, to take a lane.

Ask yourself:

  • Social Ride/Training Ride
  • Distance/Route
  • Rendezvous/Rest Stop
  • No Man Left Behind (NMLB)


  • Stay alert at all times
  • Hold your line
  • Don't overlap wheels
  • Don't look back in the pack
  • Relax
  • Focus on the rider(s) ahead
  • Don't brake unless necessary
  • Warn others of hazards
  • Pass carefully

Don't be late

Many riders have a limited amount of time to ride, (most group rides begin within 5 minutes of the start time)

If you are late expect to hustle finding the group and blowing yourself up or having a kick the can ride home


Just because you're new to the group that's no excuse to not inform your fellow riders of any trouble that may lie ahead.

Try to avoid any group ride that does not require you to wear a helmet or does not have a pre-designated route.

Never ride with someone wearing headphones


One defined route.  The route(s) will be named, posted and repeated on a monthly basis.

Special Events/Holiday rides will be posted as such