You ride hard. After swimming fast and before giving your best run. You need the best possible tool to cut the wind during the long hours spent on your bike, whether training or at an Ironman. You enjoy the challenge but you want to be perfectly prepared. You live for triathlon


AIZonE was created it because we recognized that aerodynamics and rigidity are the two most important parameters to consider when developing fast bicycles. Both of these elements must be optimized to create a bicycle frame that is not only fast, but that can also efficiently transmit your power to the rear wheel.

We use AIZonE as a guideline that we follow when we develop new bikes. Our goal is to reduce the aerodynamic drag without detriment to the stiffness of the frame. We’re creating



Years of research, engineering and wind-tunnel development went into the DA1, and the results are obvious. The DA is the weapon of choice for time trialists like Kristin Armstrong and Patrick Gretsch as well as triathletes like Terenzo Bozzone and Andi Bocherer. With UHC Ultimate+Nano carbon fiber material—shaped through extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics engineering and real-world testing—it’s 14% more aerodynamic and 13% stiffer than the previous-generation DA. It’s also optimized for Shimano Di2 11 Speed electronic shifting, with internal cable routing and an integrated battery mount. When every second counts, go with the DA1.